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Wednesday, June 28, 2017 by FIT West

We are pleased to tell you about a great article by John Hauer, published at on June 8, 2017:

Chicken and Egg: The Resources vs. Revenue Dilemma in 3D Printing (excerpts)

...Consider FIT Additive Manufacturing Group. They have built one of Germany’s premier 3D printing factories for volume manufacturing, a unique approach versus a typical service bureau model. Through an extreme focus on software, process and technology, they’ve driven out much of the ancillary or “soft” cost that comes with running a job shop. On the front end that includes quoting, file prep and order management. On the back end, part retrieval, finishing, fulfillment and quality assurance are all targets for cost reduction. The objectives are greater efficiency and higher customer satisfaction.

New Geography
FIT Additive Manufacturing Group has plans to expand its presence into the United States. In a recent press announcement, Carl Fruth, FIT Additive Manufacturing Group’s Founder and CEO, said: “We are delighted to welcome Ken (Gray) and Andy (Jeffery) to the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group Management Team and with the establishment of our first factory (Boston Ceramics) in the United States. We are expecting a major market in the USA for FIT Additive Manufacturing Group’s additive manufacturing capabilities and have now established a management team and structure to develop more partnerships with US clients and make further investments.”

While the formation of Boston Ceramics does provide FIT Additive Manufacturing Group with a foothold in the US, the company expects most of the growth to be organic. While some of the work is being produced in Germany, FIT Additive Manufacturing Group will also rely on strategic outsourcing.

While at RAPID, I had a chance to sit down with FIT America (FIT Additive Manufacturing Group’s US subsidiary) Vice President of US Sales, John Baliotti. I asked him about the opportunities involved with expansion into a new market. “I am very excited to help introduce FIT Additive Manufacturing Group and our capabilities to a variety of markets in the US,” John said. “FIT Additive Manufacturing Group has generated consistently high growth leveraging both our unique additive design and manufacturing capabilities with a focus toward volume production for our clients and partners. In the US, we are fortunate to be able to leverage over 23 years of knowledge and experience that our founder and colleagues have accumulated.”

John Hauer,, 2017-06-08