Medical Technology

Standard and Individual Implants

Medical Technology—Standard and Individual Implants

  • Additive Medizintechnik un Implantate
  • Additive Medizintechnik und Implantate
  • Additive Medizintechnik und Implantate
  • Additive Medizintechnik und Implantate
  • Additive Medizintechnik und Implantate

In today's medical technology, ADM (Additive Design and Manufacturing) of individual and standard implants as well as medical devices provides significant benefits, ranging from important medical to economical aspects.

Our specialization in medical implants from titanium

The FIT Additive Manufacturing Group has specialized in medical implants made of biocompatible titanium alloys (Grade 2 and Grade 5) by Electron Beam Melting (EBM) designed for bone replacement. A bone replacement implant is e.g. required when a section of bone is missing and the gap needs to be filled in, for example following an accident or after the removal of a tumor. Our manufacturing processes for artificial bone replacements are thoroughly monitored to fulfill the European guidelines for the production of medical devices as determined in EN ISO 13485 as well as the American FDA.

Speaking of medical advantages, it's two aspects that make the difference: Extremely short lead times (average 1–2 weeks instead of 6–8 weeks by conventional technology) and the specific properties of additively manufactured implants. It's in particular the process-related rough and porous surface and the complex structures of our implants that allow for an improved bone ingrowth (osseointegration). This contributes to avoid common problems like loose and unstable implants and to shorten rehabilitation time.

Specific Advantages of Additive Manufacturing for Medical Implants

Medical implants by additive manufacturing from FIT production offer many advantages to patients, physicians, and hospitals—before, during, and after surgery:

BEFORE implant surgery: significantly shorter lead times

DURING implant surgery: perfectly adjustable bone replacements

AFTER implant surgery: improved osseointegration and general physical recovery

It is our ambition to meet even extremely short delivery deadlines.
We combine flexibility and reliability.

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