About Us

FIT America Inc., located in Peoria (IL), is a member of the Germany-based FIT Additive Manufacturing Group, a leading company in the area of ADM (Additive Design and Manufacturing). More than twenty years of experience enable us to provide ADM solutions from rapid prototyping to cutting-edge volume manufacturing. We provide trend-setting ADM software solutions for outsourced manufacturing.

FIT America is the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's representative in the United States with access to all our ADM know-how and experience.
These are the building blocks of a successful ADM introduction—our FAB@FIT concept:

  1. Evaluation: We help you evaluate your range of products and components to find the most suitable ones for ADM application.
  2. Implementation: We perform a design/redesign and implement the manufacturing process to match quality and performance targets you thought were impossible.
  3. Outsourced manufacturing: You outsource production to us and we supply ADM parts cost-effectively and at constant quality.

Due to our experienced team and large capacity, outsourcing manufacture to us results in short time-to-market as well as reduced capex and risk.

Think additive! Let's find creative additive solutions for your products together.